Any kind of bong includes mainly five components:


The Bowl

The bong's bowl is a bulbous add-on offered with dried out marijuana blossom which is ignited after filling. This is detachable frequently as well as allows for working as a pull or the slide carburetor.


Carb which is short for the carburetor is a little opening existing the allows individual clear out the smoke from the bong chamber while completing bong toke. One of the most usual carbs generally seen in glass bong types is slide or pull-carb, which can be seen when you remove the dish.


The little tube allowing smoke travel from downwards of the dish to the base is referred to as downstream, where is obtains percolated through the water.


All-time low of a bong is referred to as base and takes a lot of shapes while relying on the design. A breaker or bubble-shaped base typically is made use of for producing a water chamber where the smoke obtains cooled off while going through water.


Tube while ending in the mouthpiece, is chamber loaded with smoke after getting filtered through water. Different other functions, like ice pinch, often stay included in the layout of the tube.


All components are readily available in various shades, styles, as well as forms depending on the desired function of the bong. The downstream usually obtain attached or changed with various percolator styles offering diffusion or separation of smoke while going through the water chamber.

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